Do you ever have the feeling of words tumbling out of your mouth, only to leave you kicking yourself later? Where did those words come from?

This happens to me a bunch, and what I say that embarrasses myself isn’t usually mean-spirited or hurtful: Rather, it’s some grand philosophy over how the world works. Or, I’ll extrapolate a small and meaningless happening to apply to some grander scheme of life how I see it — at that moment.

For instance, the other day a friend told me about trying to lose weight, and I started in about the information age, and use of mind and body and how the best financial income sources today involve use of mind, not body, and thus, we must be diligent about using our bodies in some way during our off-hours to compensate. (Maybe I’ll write a blog post on this topic.)

Anyway: Every time these theories tumble out, I am slightly embarrassed if my conversation companion is uninterested. Because I’ve revealed some idea I’m turning over in my head, or have read about, and often times, a companion doesn’t care to hear about the grand picture after she’s just complimented the salad.

My pastor shared the following admonition and it made me realize that thoughts turn so easily into words, sometimes before we even realize it:

Watch your thoughts, for they become your words

Watch your words, for they become your actions

Watch your actions, for they become your habits

Watch your habits, for they become your character

Watch your character, for it becomes your legacy

Like many truisms, this has been attributed to Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela — so in other words, who knows where it came from. But I like those thoughts to live by.