So why am I spending one of my last two full days on Earth updating a financial model. Sigh.

(I’m not sure how free cash flow yields will help me in the after life.)

I suppose I’m doing it because of that whole pesky, “you shall know not the day nor the hour,” thing.

I’ve finally had some time to read up on all this rapture news. Fascinating. No, the prediction isn’t fascinating. It’s actually kind of convoluted. Link to original source material. What’s fascinating is all of the attention it is getting — more than 2,500 articles so far, according to Google News.

I suppose some find it delightful to mock these people.  I’ll, ahem, reserve judgment.

And seriously. Any of us could die tomorrow. Or we could live until we’re 99. What to do? How do you make the most of your life? Can we really have it all?

In yoga class yesterday, during a pose, the teacher told us to look past the ends of our fingertips. Not way out, but just an inch or two past. She said we should plan our lives the same way, looking a little ahead, but not too far.

“Too far” varies for everyone, and depends on age and circumstance. I’m operating on about a two-to-five year span.

It’s a bet, a calculation, we all have to make.



And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, yes our actual CDC, has a page dedicated to how to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.  Guess our government’s not so stiff.