Thoughtfulness on a deadline is not a strength I bring to any relationship. In fact, the birthday gift I offer my closest friends is absolving them from having to reciprocate any gifts to me on my birthday.

For some people, gift-giving and anniversary-remembering is a strength. It’s not for others.

Life gets a lot easier when we find what we’re good at and enjoy doing, and do more of that thing. When we play to our strengths, we compound our gains. We end up in relationships, job positions, and careers that are an optimal fit.

Too often, employees and partners spend too much time trying to fix weaknesses. The problem is that one only gets a marginal return on investment when expending energy on a weakness. There’s a reason why it’s a weakness!

This is all personal growth and leadership 101. I’m just adapting it as an excuse to ignore Valentine’s day.

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Happy ordinary Tuesday!

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