A state of uncertainty is nerve wracking.

It drives people crazy.

I don’t care what it is — waiting on a new job, waiting to find a life partner, waiting to find a place to live, waiting on a college acceptance.

Limbo is hard. Especially when someone else’s indecision puts you there.

I dislike indecision, probably to an extreme.

I don’t linger over restaurant menus.

My husband and I decided on “forever” after eight dates. The first time we lived in the same city was when he moved to Seattle and moved in with me. Faith helped there.

We put in new hardwoods in our condo last year. Our (competent, capable and awesome) interior designer showed up with seven options. I narrowed them down to three, based on color and durability. Then I flipped over each plank to see the prices, and let cost be the final factor. It took me about 10 minutes to pick out new floors.

I still love both my husband and my floors.

When I rented, I hung wall art in minutes. I have so little patience for “a little to the left. No up. Now down a little. To the right.” Measure for the center. Put a little mark with the pencil.

No. Just hang the dang picture already.  (Ok. So maybe I needed an interior designer. I had crooked mirrors.)

In college, I did a leadership retreat sponsored by a local Rotary Club. One “challenge” was to put on a harness, climb up a tall ladder and then jump off of a platform. I guess it was supposed to make us feel empowered or good about ourselves, or something. I forget the point.

One girl stood on the platform. Stuck.

The leader bellowed at her with a bullhorn to give her the kick in the ass she needed:  “Jump or get down. Right now! MAKE A DECISION.”

She jumped.