How coaching works

My coaching falls into three categories:

  1. Transformation coaching for those considering big change;
  2. Executive performance coaching for executives who need a trusted space to speak freely and leaders grooming for bigger roles;
  3. and Strategic planning and meeting facilitation for groups that seek a keen observer to speak the truth, ask the right questions, and both challenge and nurture the decision-making process.

My ideal client knows that life-long learning never stops, is not afraid to expand his or her growing edges, and seeks to make the most of his or her short time here on the planet. That’s it. If this speaks to you, then you are my ideal client!

I love both people and spreadsheets and have a heart for revolutionary technologies that change human behavior and create value along the way.

As a professional coach, I come alongside you to support you and help you make sense of all the moving parts when you’re solving for X. We create space within your busy week to pause and listen to your quiet inner voice. What do you really want to do? Who else needs to be involved? Can your limits be expanded? How will you make it happen?

After you contact me using the form below, we will agree on a time to connect for a 20 minute phone call. During that 20 minute call, we will get to know each other a little bit better and talk about what you’d like to work on and how you’d like to meet. Then, if we both decide to proceed, we’ll set up a time to talk on the phone or in person.

During our 20-minute consultation, we’ll decide which of the three programs outlined below make sense for you.

Transformation program

Life transitions, career changes, sabbaticals — all of these are important to any life well lived. Transitions make up the most generative times of your life. You and I will agree to a quarterly or monthly rate and work diligently to help you discern your next steps. The transition program honors a commitment to yourself to put thought into what you’d like to do next. You may be on the verge or making a move or just thinking about a change that won’t happen for the next few years. We will explore your strengths, resources, desires, and commitments.

Performance program

Performance coaching is custom-tailored to the coaching needs of managers and executives. I understand deeply the competing stakeholders that corporate professionals face: Employees, customers, the financials, the board, investors / Wall Street, and, of course, your self and your own family. Together, we will explore ways to make micro-adjustments to maximize your performance. When performance coaching works, you come away more grounded, confident, and with a clear path to achieve your corporate goals.

Strategic planning & facilitation

I do long-term strategic planning and meeting facilitation for corporations and groups that seek a keen observer to speak the truth, ask the right questions, and both challenge and nurture the decision-making process. I tend to quote fees based on a basic plan and a performance plan and we would negotiate a contract based upon how much up front preparation and follow up you’d like to do. As with all my coaching work, my facilitation fees are customized to fit your budget and your corporate goals.

Value of coaching: Ok, if you’re like a lot of people, you’re probably looking over this page for some dollar signs! I get it! I’d be doing that, too. Together, you and I will decide whether coaching makes sense and can help you reach your goals. Then, I will present to you a few package options tailored to the frequency of coaching that we both think would be most helpful. Depending on our frequency of contact, packages range from $250 per month to $2,000 per month. I’ve seen clients realize incredible tangible and intangible returns on this investment in themselves, from negotiating raises at their current workplace, to negotiating equity packages worth seven figures, to gaining more clarity on where they’d like to go in their careers. I do not work on a sliding scale, but rather I help you tailor the coaching agreement that maximizes your bang for the buck.

My facilitation and public speaking fees depend on the time commitment and amount of work required. Here’s what I can promise you: My fees fall within market rates and are commensurate with my experience level. I charge enough to keep me happy and let me be generous with you with my time, but low enough to fall under the expense approval thresholds of most corporate environments.

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