Solve For X Coaching

Successful people are constantly solving for X.

Define success

Optimize and integrate your career for the success metrics of work, family, sport, recreation, and, maybe most importantly, making meaning of our short time here on the rock.

Gain clarity

If you’re like me, you like the friction that comes from two sharp minds rubbing together. Or something like that. Sometimes it helps to talk with an unbiased professional in a confidential environment.

Enhance confidence

Gain confidence telling your story. From in-person meetings, to raising capital, to live television, to conference calls, I can help you hone your unique communications style and play to your strengths.

Why coaching? Why with me?


Did you ever notice how people are always solving for something? Successful people are constantly solving for X.

And X can be lots of things — more time to pursue one’s passions, it can be more money, it can be negotiating a raise, it can be finding more meaning out of one’s career.

I’ve spent 15 years researching business and talking to people, working both as a financial journalist and as a Wall Street technology stock analyst. The best companies, the best leaders, and the best people take a problem-solving approach to life. I’ve come to believe in the power of solving for X.

If you’re reading this page, you might be what I call an “optimizer.” Satisfied with some parts of life, but always optimizing a part, always engineering a fix. I know the type because I am one!

The things you want to solve for might be the big ones: More money, more time, or more meaning. Or, you might have specific project goals: Many leaders I work with want to be better communicators and hone their leadership styles. Or, maybe you have a novel in you, but you don’t know where to start. Or maybe, you’re an artist whose business is tipping to scale and you need to figure out ways to better leverage your time.

I want you to know that burnout, disorganization and stuckness are not inevitable — we can solve for those, too.

As a professional coach, I come alongside you to support you and help you make sense of all the moving parts when you’re solving for X. We create space within your busy week to pause and listen to your quiet inner voice. What do you really want to do? Who else needs to be involved? Can your limits be expanded? How will you make it happen?

Over the course of my Wall Street career alone, I calculate that I’ve spent about 7,000 hours speaking with investment professionals who are responsible for managing millions of dollars. The truth is that all smart and successful people can benefit from talking over decisions with other smart people.

I want to see you be a success, however you define it. Particularly in times of transition, it helps to work with a coach.

This life is all we’ve got. Professional coaching can help you to move into a dynamic career that you love, to be your best self, and to live your best life. Let’s give it our best shot.


Master's level counseling professional

“Andrea is an incredible coach- she has helped me feel much more confident when it comes to marketing my value and asking for what I deserve. I never make a big work decision without consulting her first.”

Wall Street professional

“Andrea gets paid to help people think.”

Entrepreneur & writer

“Andrea is awesome — smart, high energy, understands family versus work balance.”

Fortune 50 senior director

“Andrea is extremely skilled at coaching through career and life changes. I found her help in guiding my thinking and decision-making indispensable to assuring I was transforming my life in a way that aligned with where I wanted my priority focus to truly be. Given my executive business role, I have found it most valuable to work with Andrea, who is a true coach, but also possesses incredible business savvy.”