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July 2021

11: Migrating to Substack

June 2021

6: On choosing to be happy

April 2018

19: Over-communicating is not communicating at all

May 2017

8: Sometimes the interruptions are the work

March 2017

21: Life: One big risk / reward calculation after another

February 2017

14: Play to your strengths, even on Valentine’s day

January 2017

30: Stoicism > Hysteria: What do you wish to leak?
6: Taking it down to the science

September 2016

7: The greatest selfie ever taken: Pale Blue Dot

August 2016

25: You can afford it, you just choose not to
22: What exactly is Wall Street?
12: How a stock analyst looks at housework
9: Negative interest rates: When ‘good’ policy is bad psychology, it’s bad policy
4: Should you really just “be yourself?” Will you be fine? Really?

July 2016

30: A bit about the fourth dimension: Time
15: Bulletin: Turkish military stages a coup
4: What does self rule mean to you?

June 2016

23: Have you hugged a hedge fund manager today?
17: To be (dumb) or not to be
6: Don’t let unconscious inertia decide for you
2: The mob asks the wrong questions

May 2016
12: Two mind tricks to quiet your thoughts for sleep
11: Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it
4: Why I won’t be on the Tesla call tonight

April 2016

27: How a year on Wall Street changed his world view
22: Sleep deprivation is literally torture
20: Outsourcing verus insourcing your own life

March 2016

23: Can we treat life like an engineering problem?

((((( Four year blog hiatus )))))

November 2011

19: Got my new (ugly) running shoes on
6: We love consistency but need change: Voila, the seasons

October 2011

31: Lucky seven billion — now what?
23: Rose Egge, 25, reports her tumor is gone
12: Economics should be taught in schools. Period.
7: Simplicity gains momentum, but at what cost?
6: Play to win: Airport security tips down to a science
5: A gift to humanity (Steve Jobs, 1955-2011)
4: You’re know you’re part of the digital revolution when. . .

September 2011

22: Simple life lessons: Following a leadership pattern
22: A note about the new design, and tips for you
21: Are you secretly good at math? Five more clues
19: A tribute to biology, which bugs me
11: September 11, 2001 – September 11, 2011
9: Nothing to see here, for Seattleites only
8: An illustration: Smart phone goes here
7: Five ways to lead a more analytic life
6: The double workday, makers and managers
2: Politics is just politics, not citizenship nor community
1: Have you thought about death today?

August 2011

30: A paradox of modern life: Comfort is a noose
29: Vacation for Americans means working from somewhere else

July 2011

22: The world economy in 10 seconds
15: Halls of Congress <= Halls of Hogwarts (commentary on the US debt crisis)
7: How to become a runner (inspiration for everyone)

June 2011

21: What’s that big white ball in the Port of Seattle?
11: How do you unlock your heart? (A post on thievery)

May 2011

27: Why I start at 4 a.m. It’s morning first in New York
22: The world didn’t end. What did you learn?
19: The world is going to end on Saturday
16: Why the passage of time confounds us

April 2011

9: Don’t be paralyzed by imperfection
4: Applying Wall Street logic to your life
2: Are universities the next bubble to burst?

March 2011

31: Maximize the moment. And jump.
30: Gratitude for bees
28: Don’t be offended, we’re all clueless
11: A Seattle transplant reminisces about swimming pools
4: Lent: It’s not about what you give up, but what you gain
2: Finding “meaning” in the for-profit realm

February 2011

15: Vociferation of meaningless numbers and praise of the obvious
14: Information workers: Move your body, hey hey!
11: Stop feeling so guilty
10: Thoughts to live by
7: There’s no such thing as paradise on Earth

January 2011

2: Gracefully surrendering the things of youth

December 2010

27: When the world underestimates you, keep showing up
21: Happy Solstice! (Learn a new word, and thoughts on relativity)
13: Improve your writing in three steps: Cut, cut cut
2: Suffering by numbers

November 2010

28: Considering the new security measures, with a shrug
15: Airplane conversations & ‘The Rule of 72’
11: Intellectual honesty and a lesson from Bob Woodward
5: Thoughts on suburban life, from an urbanite

October 2010

27: Maybe you are good at math and never knew it
21: Famous graffiti artist, graffitied
18: The back in time tourist
9: Oh, the humanity! (Chilean miners commentary)

September 2010

25: Vegetables to meat ratio (photo)

August 2010

27: Pop the cork, spritz the pricey perfume, today is special (Hurricane Katrina anniversary)
22: How covering Starbucks turned me onto coffee

July 2010

14: Down with gravity; Up with entropy!
7: Let’s play . . . back in my day

June 2010

27: On War: A Higher Perspective — Part II
27: On War: A Higher Perspective
10: Ask not, receive not: Advice on questions

March 2010

17: Seattle P-I: A well run business it wasn’t

February 2010

23: The door’s open, but the ride, it ain’t free

January 2010

8: Totally scooped: One year post-P-I shocker

November 2009

27: Secondary byline: Bruce Springsteen?
25: Observing America through nomadic Thanksgivings
15: Intelligent and homeless

October 2009

15: Five reasons you should hire a photojournalist
6: When the mediums go down, we lose our social

September 2009

21: A layman’s poem with a simple message
12: Obama rallies for health care in Minneapolis (photos)
6: Twentysomething and injured: An ode to good posture

August 2009

15: Pay attention: Journalists got blindsided, so could you
5: How could I leave journalism?

March 2009

18: Paper closes, I’m now working for

January 2009

24: P-I employees were silent, some of them shed tears

February 2008

14: A love message

April 2007

17: The P-I lives!

August 2006

25: Goodbye e-mail to Mobile newsroom
13: The other, other Washington

September 2005

1: Catastrophe (Hurricane Katrina)

March 2005

16: Big wheels keep on turning